What is the REAL cost of ordering a bike online??

Are you REALLY getting a deal??

Before you click “BUY” come down to Hill Country Bicycle Works to compare.


    **We will professionally assemble your bike (at least a $50 value- minimum of what we’ll charge you to assemble your online bicycle out of the box)

    **We will ensure that you are on a bike that is the correct size and that matches your riding goals. We offer test rides to confirm that your bike is the right one.

    **We will include a developmental fit for your bike to ensure that the bike is fitted to you (minimum $50 value plus the cost of stems, seats, and any other part that needs changing to make your online bike fit you correctly- included in the initial setup of the bike you purchase from Hill Country Bicycle Works)

    **We offer ONE YEAR FREE tune ups to the bicycle you purchase from Hill Country Bicycle Works

    **Manufacturer’s warranties do not apply to anyone except the original bicycle owner (ie any ebay or craig’s list purchase)

    **We have the expertise right here in town to answer your questions and help you with your riding goals


We are your community bicycle shop- let us get you on the perfect bike with the perfect fit!!